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The Film endeavor of Colin Henning and Chad Hylton –partners in life and art.

 C.H. Squared aims to inject new life into old structure.  Pomp, acerbity, and unabashed emotional highs mark the components through which traditional genres are turned on their heads. Stories rooted in the now  can still feel timeless.  C.H. Squared champions the underdog with empathy, by illustrating nuanced characters, and mixing the absurd & sensational with the emotionally true & relevant

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Mrs Clinton


Feature script – 117 pages; comedy

August 1998: Feeling in last place as First Lady, Hillary is flooded with denial, anger, bargaining, and depression –she’s just not sure if it’s about her husband’s mistakes or her own. Above all, she might have to accept that her current title is the one holding her back the most: Mrs Clinton.

SEMIFINALIST – Raindance Film Festival;

Raindance Script Competition, 2022; comedy

…I really don’t feel like hearing whatever weather-the-storm advice you have to give me. If anyone should be receiving advice, it should be Bill blue balls over there.

Castle Stones



Feature script  – 121 pages; horror, suspense

400 maidens are dead. When killer Countess Elizabeth Báthory reopens her etiquette school for a naive noble girl, she's sure it will make 401, but this noble girl's ambition for good complicates The Countess' torturous plan. 

Inspired by the true crimes and downfall of Hungary's most powerful serial killer. 

QUARTERFINALIST – Big Apple Film Festival Script Competition, 2022

Beauty not controlled and caged is not beauty at all. It’s just a wild thing. An elephant. A duck. A horse. Don’t think because you see this place crumble it cannot be caged. This will remain.” 


The House of Penelope


Feature script – 117 pages; horror, mystery

The 1929 crash wiped out her fortune and her memory; now with the help of her elderly mama, a southern belle must piece together the clues of this nightmare to uncover what happened to her dreamy life.

What kind of Lady of the House would I be if I gave the house up?” 

Appalachian Dog

(Upcoming feature)

Appalachia, 1946: a seamstress welcomes home her tailor husband, only to find they are not the team they were. Trying to stitch back together their old life, time and time again it threatens to fall apart – with each of them pulling at the thread

Starring:Georgia Morgan, Colin Henning,
Hayleigh Hart Franklin, Brooke Elizabeth

Produced by: Georgia Morgan, Colin Henning, Chad Hylton

Writer, Director, Actor

Wooden Surface


Writer, Director

(2020 Short)

The late Grammy Award Winner Elizabeth Cotten taught herself guitar 'left handed and upside down' as a young girl in North Carolina – and then didn't touch it for 40 years. Why?

OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, 2020
Starring: Hayleigh Hart Franklin, Zara Green, Colby Hollman, Carson Fox Harvey
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