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Colin Henning was born in the Midwest and raised in the South before living in NYC; he is now hopping between these regions in the country all while fantasizing about living in Europe. 

He received his BFA in Acting from SUNY Purchase. Passionate for work that stabs at the pressures that our culture and history place on us, he has a particular affinity for Period Pieces and true stories.  


An actor with a focus on writing, he emphasizes studying the central themes of a work to influence the specification of character, and spontaneity of performance. 

And personally, he has been known to have a sense of humor.

His own writing and directing is focused on crafting nuanced performances by combining romanticism and realism, and utilizing the actor’s language. Mrs Clinton, his feature comedy screenplay, landed as a Semifinalist in the Script Competition of the Raindance Film Festival, 2022. 

He, Chad Hylton, and Georgia Morgan have entered post-production on their feature film Appalachian Dog: Post-WWII Appalachia provides the setting for a tense reunion between a husband and wife, who find their relationship lost somewhere in the years that have passed; despite this, they carry on, until forced to confront the truth of what lies between them. 

Colin and his partner in all things, Chad Hylton, have launched their Film House, C. H. Squared. Aimed at crafting narratives supporting the underdog, C. H. Squared plays with genre and illustrates nuanced characters to create stories that are rooted in the now while still feeling timeless.

Now streaming on Hulu, you can see Colin Henning in the second season of Wild Crime, directed by Gracie Award Winner, Lisa Wolfinger (Mercy Street, PBS). He was mostly recently seen at the Big Apple Film Festival, 2024, where C.H. Squared had two shorts premiere; Impressions (starring Henning and Hylton) and  “Penelope!”  (directed by Henning).

I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes
–Edna St Vincent Millay
Actor – Film & TV

Appalachian Dog | Writer/Director, Feature |

Lead – Teddy

Impressions | Dir. Chad Hylton, Short | 

Lead – Colin

An Un-Ideal Husband | Dir. Chad Hylton, Short |

Lead – Lord Goring

Wild Crime - Season 2 | Hulu |

Recurring – Don Coelho

The Princess and the Cactus | Animated Short |

Supporting – Narrator (Voice)

And Just Like That… | HBO MAX |


Eden for Two | Independent Short |

Lead – Istvan

Minyan | Dir. Eric Steel | 


Parade People | Dir. Aidan Macaluso, Short |

Lead – Simon

Beth Alone | Daylight Features, Short |

Supporting Lead – James

Actor – Theatre

Protected | Theater for the New City | Dir. Shela Xoregos


Rooftop (Reading) | The Drama League | Dir. Mohammed Aghebati


Oasis | Silver Dream Productions |

Kyle the Travel Agent

Henry VI Part I | Purchase Rep | Dir. Christopher McCann


Earthquakes in London | Purchase Rep | Dir. David Bassuk


We’re Gonna Be Okay | Purchase Rep | Dir. Basil Kreimendahl


Abigail/1702 | Purchase Rep | Dir. Elizabeth Van Dyke

Margaret Hale / The Devil

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Purchase Rep | Dir. Christopher McCann



Penelope!” | Short Film | ~2024

Director, Co-Writer

Appalachian Dog | Feature Film | ~2024

Director, Writer, Actor​

Libba | Short Film | 2020

Director, Writer

SUNY Purchase | BFA Acting | 


Acting for the Camera | Rosalyn Coleman | 

Singing | Tim Carless | 

Special Skills

Singing | Alto Saxophone | Weight Lifting | Proficient in IPA​ |

Accents/Dialects include: Polish, Hungarian (Budapest), British (URP, RP, East London), German (Berlin), French (Parisian, Quebecois), Boston, Southern (Non-Rhotic and Rhotic), New York (Brooklyn, Queens)

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