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This dramatic horror short has been an Official Selection of the Peekskill Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Online, Indie Short Fest, and Carrboro Film Fest. 

STARRING: Georgia Morgan as Penelope

DIRECTED BY: Colin Henning

WRITTEN BY: Colin Henning and Chad Hylton

The story of Penelope, wife of a Confederate Soldier, who is forced to reckon with the choices she has made, and whether or not they have truly bettered her life. 


Filmed in just three days, The Torment of Penelope was developed by Colin Henning and written with Chad Hylton. The Short, inspired by the the early days of classic horror (Dracula, Nosferatu, Frankenstein) has been screened in New York and Los Angeles. A Southern Gothic Piece, the film explores our perceptions, and the consequences of our actions–especially the ones we believe to have been in our best interest.

Produced on a low budget with Georgia Morgan (star of the upcoming indie feature Why, Mona Rae?), a fellow BFA Acting Graduate of SUNY Purchase, this Period Horror film was praised for its look, edit, and depiction of Southern desperation. 
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