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OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival, 2020 - FINALIST Best Short
Starring: Hayleigh Hart Franklin, Zara Green, Colby Hollman, Carson Fox Harvey
The late Grammy Award Winner Elizabeth Cotten taught herself guitar 'left handed and upside down' as a young girl in North Carolina – and then didn't touch it for 40 years. 
She returned to the guitar to record her 1958 album. Using Elizabeth Cotten's songs to bridge the 40 years where she didn't play, the film explores why Ms. Cotten gave up her music to begin with - and why she chose to return to it.


Based around the interviews Elizabeth Cotten gave towards the end of her life, Libba connects the girl and woman Elizabeth Cotten through her music. 

Creating the Edwardian Chapel Hill, North Carolina was no easy feat. The majority of the Short Film takes place in 1908/1909, with Chapel Hill looking very different now than it did then. Then, Chapel Hill was a bustling town of both intellect and agriculture; Religion and University; creativity and structure. These conflicting elements help give Libba its unique outlook –a world both stuck in its past while trying to move forward to a creative present. Libba Cotten gets stuck somewhere in between. 

Starring Hayleigh Hart Franklin (SUNY Purchase BFA), Zara Green, Colby Hollman (Fear the Walking Dead) and Carson Fox Harvey (SUNY Purchase BFA) the cast is a showcase of passion and talent. 

The film has been praised for its style, costume, and casting. 

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